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24 Hour Detox Program

Upcoming Classes and Workshops

 We are thrilled to announce fellow Goddess Ishtar will be hosting an empowering, transformational and deeply uplifting Divine Goddess Ceremony with our Kapucia community.


Women are divinity, women are life, women are truly jewels” -Yoni Tantra


Date: Saturday 1st October 

Times: 12 - 6pm

Cost: £45

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Feel empowered, feel strong & connect to the divine feminine energy within you! This immersive one-day workshop will allow you to connect with fellow goddesses (or gods!) within a sacred circle to explore sacred femininity. This journey will be transformational for body, mind & the spirit.

The Transformational Goddess Ceremony hopes to empower students and heal people of the problems encountered caused by living in a masculine dominated world. Women can be strong and successful while maintaining a feminine approach to work and life. This workshop aims to inspire and motivate women & men, who want to change themselves and the world through connecting with goddesses & helps women to feel great about their bodies and their sexuality.

Your journey will be inspired by a variety of teachings such as Hinduism, Shamanism and Paganism, allowing you to connect to feminine spirituality through the icon of the goddess.

What to expect:

  • Initiation Ceremony- Raising goddess vibration
  • Priestess Work
  • Stretching & Breath Work
  • Goddess Cards
  • Sacred Dancing to cultivate goddess energy (Belly dance & Indian)
  • Goddess Moving Meditation
  • Goddess Meditation
  • Goddess Chanting
  • Shamanic Drumming
  • Explore Goddess Philosophy
  • Mask Making- Sculpt your own goddess


Date: Saturday 1st October 

Times: 11-5pm

Cost: £45

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About Ishtar

Ishtar is an experienced artiste and teacher working for diverse communities. Ishtar is also a researcher and writer of dance ethnography and spiritual dance.

Ishtar teaches and performs belly dance as well as traditional Middle Eastern forms and Bollywood dance. Ishtar also teaches and performs 'Creative Belly Dance' and a variety of fusion styles.

Ishtar runs workshops and retreats in various countries based around dance and divine feminine themes.

She has produced and directed dance theater pieces and has worked as a choreographer for various events and organisations. She has been published in a variety of publications and performs music.

Ishtar has been taught by a variety of international Middle Eastern  and Indian dance teachers. These include, Raquia Hassan, Morocco, Zaza Hassan and Ozgan. Traveling to the Middle East and India and experiences at home with these communities, have deepened cultural understanding of Eastern dance. Through this Ishtar has gained a real experience of dance at a grass roots level. Her Indian dance teachers include Bisahka Sarka, Kali, Shri Sarka and Veejay Kumar.

Ishtar has performed and taught nationally and internationally. She has had her own dance school since 1998, working out of various venues. Instructional DVD and YouTube video hits. (Over million views on YouTube channel) means Ishtar can reach out to lots of people and pass on what she has learnt.

Ishtar has combined her knowledge of sacred and healing dance with her degree in Psychology and professional qualifications in Holistic therapies and counseling, to provide retreats and workshops and similar events that are based on cooperation and creativity. Ishtar has hosted retreats in the UK, South of France and Spain.

Ishtar has had many TV and media appearances. She has also been featured in national magazines including Cosmopolitan, Spirit and Destiny , Kindred Spirit and Women’s Own.

About Ishtar: 

Ishtar has an MSc in Consciousness Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology, where she completed a dissertation on spiritual dance. Ishtar has BA in Psychology and Women’s’ Studies, and professional qualifications in teaching adults and Holistic therapies.

Ishtar has been published in many journals on a variety of subjects including healing dance, shamanism and feminine spirituality. Her courses on Psychology of Self, Shamanism and Divine Feminine Spirituality are published by the international correspondence school,-The British School of Yoga. Ishtar’s grandparents were professional world class dancers .

Ishtar has been dancing since she was five and has learnt a variety of styles specializing in Belly Dance and Bollywood dance, which she has taught and performed professionally for twenty-five years. Ishtar has led many retreats and workshops in the UK and abroad using dance and other creative, psychological and alchemical techniques, to draw down the energy of the divine feminine.

Ishtar has been leading Goddess retreats and workshops in the UK and abroad for almost twenty years.

"A switch is flipped on as I actually begin to understand and even revel in my female power...... realizing that that I have been well and truly inspired. l set off early on my journey home with wonderful a sense of empowerment, new companions; a heightened sense self-awareness and a stirring inner goddess" - Kindred Spirit March /April 2010.


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